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September 28, 2019

ris·qué - adjective
slightly indecent and liable to shock, especially by being sexually suggestive.

synonyms: bawdy, indecent, ribald, rude, racy, broad, earthy, Rabelaisian, spicy, suggestive, titillating, improper, naughty, indelicate, indecorous, off color, locker-room; vulgar, dirty, filthy, smutty, crude, offensive, salacious, coarse, obscene, lewd, pornographic, X-rated; raunchy
"they would giggle and tell risqué stories"

Come to this one of a kind special event where you'll hear the most outrageous true stories told on the Ok So stage.

This is a curated event so if you have a story you think you could tell DM us with some details. Submissions needed by August 31.


Shane Koyczan

October 9, 2019

Shane Koyczan is best known for his award winning spoken word performances. With his rhythmic verse in high gear, he navigates his audience through social and political territory with a furious honesty and a tender humanity that has brought audiences to their feet in New York, London, Edinburgh, Sydney, Stockholm, and Los Angeles, to name a few. He has received 5 star reviews for his performances around the globe. Winner of the US Slam Poetry Championship and the Canadian Spoken Word Olympics, Koyczan is truly an extraordinary talent that has blown the dust off of the traditional designation “poet”.


The Best of OK, SO

Date TBA

Want to hear the BEST stories that have been told on our stage the last 6+ years? Join us for a night of the BEST OF OK SO - stories that will be sure to make you smile!
$12/door, $10 online, 18+to enter

Storytellers TBA



Slam's happen at IDL Ballroom in the Blue Dome District near downtown Tulsa every second Thursday of the month. 18+ to enter with a $5 door entry. Every event has a theme, and everyone in the audience is invited to share a personal story related to the theme. We take the first 10 storytellers to sign up once the doors have opened at IDL."Judges" are audience members and previous storytelllers who score the teller/tale on 4 areas:

  • TIME (around 5 minutes)

  • THEME (does your story have the night's theme woven in?)

  • TRUE (is it a real story, not made up, poetry, musings, etc)

  • Well-TOLD (is your story engaging, has flow and depth)

The highest scoring teller gets a cash prize and an invitation to participate in the yearly GrandSlam in April. The winner of the April Grand Slam becomes the Best Storyteller in Tulsa!

(We can also be found out at the Blind Buffalo Pour House in Broken Arrow, across from the Bass Pro Shops, for a smaller slam each month. We carry the same theme at the Blind Buffalo as our MainStage slam has at IDL. It occurs on the 4th Thursday of the month. This is a great place to tell a story if you are intimidated by the big stage. Come visit us! We have a quaint little crowd here.)




OKSO StorySlam: Origin Story


Branda Piersall and Michelle Bias

Two women who really want to bring more storytelling and spoken word events to the Tulsa Community.


2 Women, High School Classmates in the 1980s, (knew each other but weren't close,) reconnect on Facebook. By sharing memories they discover a common love for storytelling. At lunch one day, they decide to bring a live storytelling event to Tulsa. The idea for a Tulsa StorySlam is born.

CUT TO: WOMEN in small coffeeshop in front of 20 people, nervously telling stories for the first time, wondering if anyone will listen. The year is 2013.

DISSOLVE TO: IDL Ballroom with over 310 in attendance and over 400 sold out seats for the 2019 Grand Slam at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. Women on stage are now the best of friends and OKSO is thriving!


IDL BALLROOM TULSA: (2nd Thursday of EVERY month)

CENTER STAGE: People just like YOU share their stories..


Co-Founder and Host / Branda Jean Piersall
Co-Founder and Host / Michelle Bias



Branda Jean Piersall, Michelle Bias, Jyl Johnson, and Kate Nelson